Below is a list and brief outline of NSARI's current projects;

Sugammadex and Postoperative Respiratory Complications


An NSARI designed and led prospective, randomised controlled trial examining the effect of sugammadex reversal on post-operative pulmonary complications, patient satisfaction and events in the recovery unit. Currently recruiting. More information can be found here.


Recovery Outcome Auditing


Ongoing quality improvement where individual anaesthetists and the department as a whole are measured with respect to post operative complications, nausea and vomiting and pain outcomes.


Intrathecal Morphine in Major Abdominal Surgery


A prospective pilot trial looking at comparing intrathecal morphine and epidural anaesthesia on outcomes in major abdominal surgery. This trial was awarded the Research Foundation Novice Investigator Prize at the ANZCA national CTN conference in 2018


A survey of neuromuscular blockade management


A survey of Australian and New Zealand anaesthetists on their current practice regarding the use of neuromucular blockers and reversal agents.


Sugammadex and critical events in anaesthesia


In association with ANZTADC (the Australian and New Zealand Tripartite Anaesthetic Data Committee ), a retrospective analysis of cases reported to webAIRS is being analysed looking for patterns involving sugammadex and it’s association with critical events. This is being used to delineate factors that can be used as learning points to improve the safety of anaesthesia.

Multicentre ANZCA Trials


We are currently recruiting patients for a number of large multicentre trials, including PADDi and ITACS. Involvement in these trials is improving our research infrastructure and experience with large scale medical research.

Intrathecal Morphine in Total Knee Replacement


An NSARI designed and led prospective randomised controlled trial looking at differences in anaesthetic and functional outcomes following the addition of intrathecal morphine to a standardised anaesthetic regime in primary unilateral total knee replacement

Airway Incidents in NSW


As well as the design and delivery of the ATTAAC airway and NSARI airway courses, members has been actively involved in airway related research, and are currently planning to undertake a review of NSWHealth IIMS data to quantify and summarise the nature and outcomes of airway complications in NSW public hospitals.