NSARI is a medical research institute, based at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, Australia. Our primary aim is to improve the quality and safety of perioperative patient management and anaesthesia through the production, promotion and support of clinically relevant medical research.


The Northern Sydney Anaesthesia Research Institute (NSARI) has it's origins in 2012, when a group of interested anaesthetists began a number of small scale audit and research projects at Royal North Shore Hospital. These anaesthetists commenced meeting and formally established the RNS research committee with an aim to consolidate knowledge and support each other to develop anaesthetic and perioperative based research projects. The growth of the research load and the need to employ dedicated staff demanded a more formal structure and in June 2014, NSARI was established as a not-for-profit incorporated association.

Since 2014, our vision was to produce quality research within anaesthesia our members have now published numerous articles in scientific journals and have been asked to present at national and international meetings.

Our vision is to become a premier medical research institute in the field of perioperative medicine.


Dr Saul Judelman, Founder and current Treasurer

Dr John Leyden, Founder and current Director

A. Prof Greg Knoblanche, Founder

Dr Benjamin Olesnicky, Founder

Dr Andrew Parsons, Founder